2020 Ontario Select Yearling Sale Results / For Past Results: 2021 / 2020

Hip Gait Sex Yearling Sire Dam ConsignorBuyerAmount
1 P F Warrawee Xpat Sportswriter Greenwich Girl Preferred Equine CanadaShawn Steacy, Brantford, ON$6,000
2 P F St Lads Kahlua Shadow Play North Party Time St Lads FarmSelena Kessler, Wheatley, ON$6,000
3 P F Bold Play Shadow Play Notalkingback Winbak FarmDan Riley, Cobourg, ON$10,000
4 T F Lady Guinevere Royalty For Life Now Shes Gone Preferred Equine CanadaClaude Larose, Gatineau, QC$22,000
5 P C Born A Rebel Betterthancheddar Outlawed Beauty Winbak FarmMike Dimmers, Orangeville, ON$27,000
6 P F Da Magic Me Me Bettor's Delight Phone Terror Joe HudonJohn Pentland, London, ON$34,000
7 P C Talk To Me Artie Artspeak Pink Sheet Preferred Equine CanadaRNA$11,000
8 P C Senior Writer Sportswriter Place Your Best Winbak FarmScott McNiven , Putnam, ON$11,000
9 T F Lilys Lass Angus Hall Priceless Lass Preferred Equine CanadaRNA$13,000
10 P C Twenty Four K Sportswriter Platinum Choice Winbak FarmHarold Emerson Rochester, NY $7,000
11 T F Miss Tory Muscle Mass Quantum Victoria Preferred Equine CanadaLee Hulan, Moffat, ON$26,000
12 P F Twin B Poutine Betterthancheddar Power Nap Twinbrook FarmsBruno Comegna, Campbellville, ON$49,000
13 T C Quick Fix Resolve Raising Roseann Preferred Equine CanadaJohn Kopas, Milton, ON$15,000
14 P C Museum Tour Artspeak Rare Filly Winbak FarmPaul D Smith, Woodstock, ON$10,000
15 T C Erinwood Ernie Archangel Right Back At You ErinwoodLevis Roy Francis Richard, QC$23,000
16 P C Bay Bries Betterthancheddar Rock N Love Winbak FarmJean Luc Berube, Price, QC$5,000
17 P F Vintage Delight Bettor's Delight Roller Cam Twinbrook FarmsScott McEneny Puslinch,ON$72,000
18 T F Halo N Crowns Archangel Royal Family Winbak FarmTammy Aspden Caistor Centre, ON$16,000
19 T C Church on Time
Sold as: Colpoys Bay
Kadabra Whitesand Samantha Preferred Equine CanadaGavin Christie, Perth, ON$7,000
20 T F Sayonara Angel Archangel Sayonara Hall Joe HudonDan O'Brian Cambridge, On$12,000
21 T C Renegade Gypsy Archangel Sea Gypsy Winbak FarmThe, Guelph, ON$18,000
22 P C Night Shadow Shadow Play Sexyandinoitdevie Preferred Equine CanadaWithdrawn
23 P C Sports Advisor Sportswriter Shark Tail Winbak FarmRick Zeron Stable, Oakville, ON$32,000
24 T C Flash Point
Sold as: Jumpforit
Royalty For Life Shes All Muscle Preferred Equine CanadaWilliam Donovan Delray Beach, FL$52,000
25 P F Art Of The Game Artspeak She's Game Winbak FarmMarin Morel Mirabel, QC$8,000
26 P G J M Deflection Shadow Play Six Of Hearts Preferred Equine CanadaRick Rier Hanover, ON$5,000
27 T C Ima Standup Guy Archangel Sierra Fortune Winbak FarmBlake MacIntosh St. George, ON$25,000
28 P F Double Quick He's Watching Snowbird Preferred Equine CanadaIsaac Waxman Ridgeville, ON$11,000
29 P F Just Call Me Song Sportswriter Song Writer Preferred Equine CanadaAdriano Sorella Guelph, On$30,000
30 T C Twin B Harry Royalty For Life Southern Mist Twinbrook FarmsDan O'Brian Cambridge, ON$13,000
31 T C Royal Champane Royalty For Life Southwind Champane Preferred Equine CanadaRNA$19,000
32 T F Buzz Feed Muscle Mass Speed Talker Winbak FarmRobert Shepherd Dundas, ON $15,000
33 T F Delcrest For Life Royalty For Life Stars Balance Joe HudonBax Stable Campbellville, ON$28,000
34 T F Queen Of The Fair Muscle Mass State Fair Winbak FarmDouglas McCarthy Wasaga, ON$13,000
35 T F Northern Frolic Kadabra Straight A Student ErinwoodDave Ahearn Peterborough, ON$9,000
36 P C Party Vibes Shadow Play Stubborn Star Pal Winbak FarmMichael Blais L'Ange Gardien, QC$10,000
37 T C Downstairs Party Kadabra Misty Ridge Preferred Equine CanadaColonel Schneider Arthur, ON$31,000
39 P C Watch Out He's Watching Thistimeitsforreal Preferred Equine CanadaRobert Burgess Rockwood, ON$5,000
40 P F Wine N Cheddar Betterthancheddar Tina's Bliss Winbak FarmAnthony Beaton Waterdown, ON$10,000
41 P C Sports Section Sportswriter Trilife Preferred Equine CanadaJared Bako Guelph, ON $42,000
42 P C Thornbury Sportswriter Triple Charm Preferred Equine CanadaJohn Kopas Milton, ON $26,000
43 P C Royal Watcher Royal Mattjesty Troubled Escape Winbak FarmKyle Bossence Arthur, ON$10,000
44 T C Mask Of Zoro
Sold as: Warrawee Xmas
Muscle Mass Warrawee Truce Preferred Equine CanadaBenoit Hebert Papineauville, QC$12,000
45 T C Silent Eskimo Archangel Sweater Weather Winbak FarmMike Dimmers Kitchener, ON$38,000
46 P C Footprintsnthesand Sunshine Beach True Reflection Preferred Equine CanadaMardon Stables Loretto, ON$25,000
47 P C Bettor Way To Rock Bettor's Delight True Rock Preferred Equine CanadaPatrick Dillon Port Hope, ON$40,000
48 P C Ods Amores Betterthancheddar Two Sides Of Love Winbak FarmMarcel Barrieau Cambridge, ON$26,000
49 P C Wannabeatthebeach
Sold as: St Lads Crocket
Sunshine Beach Weeping Wanabe St Lads FarmM A Cormier Princeville, QC$6,000
50 T C Inar Crazed Vuokatti Preferred Equine CanadaJoe Shaw London, ON $6,000
51 P F Royal Blush Royal Mattjesty Western Cat Winbak FarmEmerson Harold (Dancing Ponys)$5,000
53 P C Horsche
Sold as: Wakan Tanka
He's Watching Xena Bayama ErinwoodIsaac Waxman Ridgeville, ON$21,000
54 T F Ladyflix
Sold as: Dazzle The Crowd
Muscle Mass Watch The Show Preferred Equine CanadaDouglas Paul (M and L of Delaware LLC)$56,000
55 P C Erinwood Yves State Treasurer Zayra Bayama ErinwoodJeffery Courchesne Cambridge, ON$12,000
56 P C Unlaced Shadow Play All Lace Winbak FarmEmerson Harold (Dancing Ponys)$6,000
57 P F Code Three Bettor's Delight Altoona Hanover ErinwoodMichael Guerriero Brampton, ON$30,000
58 P F Beauty Bling Sportswriter Alota Bling Winbak FarmBlake McIntosh$15,000
59 T F Crown Of Gold Royalty For Life Andover The Top Preferred Equine CanadaLouis Roy Guelph, ON$19,000
60 T F Magic Angel Archangel Apple Magic Winbak FarmDouglas McCarthy Wasaga, ON$15,000
61 P C St Lads Sterling Control The Moment April May Dune St Lads FarmMartin Morel Mirabel, QC $11,000
62 T C Fastnet Rock Archangel Fighting Irish Preferred Equine CanadaLance Wells Campbellville, ON$18,000
63 P C Shady Artist Shadow Play Artomatic Love Winbak FarmEmerson Harold (Dancing Ponys)$5,000
64 P C Tj Spitfire Sportswriter Arizona Seelster Twinbrook FarmsMike Bannon London, ON$18,000
65 P C Whiz Wit Betterthancheddar Attack The Books Winbak FarmRay Stewart Port Rowan, ON$11,000
66 T C Real Cool Moves Kadabra Balance Bar Preferred Equine CanadaLes Ecuries G.L.D Saint-Andre-Avellin, QC$7,000
67 P C Booked Solid
Sold as: Lead Story Letter
Sportswriter Awaken The Passion Winbak FarmVicki & Louis Cargill, ON$5,000
68 P G Radar Enforced Sportswriter Bettor Beach Preferred Equine CanadaJamie Copley Kenmore, ON$9,000
69 P F Big Cheddar Betterthancheddar Big Bottom Winbak FarmSylvain Descheneaux Sorel-Tracy, QC$20,000
70 P C Twin B Jammer Sunshine Beach Twin B Bikini Twinbrook FarmsSylvain Descheneaux Sorel-Tracy, QC$22,000
71 P F Flo
Sold as: Bunker Babe
Shadow Play Bunkhouse Babe Winbak FarmJames MacKenzie Ennismore, ON$42,000
72 T F Northern Beyonce Muscle Mass Bluster ErinwoodJean-Yves Blais Montreal, QC$21,000
73 P F Grams Lily Artspeak Jk Cabaret Winbak FarmTodd James Caesarea, ON$5,000
74 T C Georgetown
Sold as: Royal Coral
Royalty For Life Cape Coral Preferred Equine CanadaJulie Walker Carlisle, ON$23,000
76 P C Arthur Shelby
Sold as: St Lads Tito
Artspeak Warrawee Cammy St Lads FarmJamie Copley Kenmore, ON$15,000
77 T F Cerious Muscles Muscle Mass Cersei Hanover Preferred Equine CanadaTony O'Sullivan$13,000
78 P F J M Speak Easy Artspeak J M Chicago Preferred Equine CanadaJamie Doig $5,000
79 P F St Lads Sugar Sunshine Beach St Lads Coco St Lads FarmClaude Larose Gatineau, QC$12,000
80 P F Creme Delight Bettor's Delight Creme Fraiche Preferred Equine CanadaMurray Brethour Sunderland, ON$25,000
81 T C Current Danger Angus Hall Current Yield Winbak FarmVictor Puddy Mountain, ON$10,000
82 T F Da Royal Miracle Royalty For Life Da Miracle Preferred Equine CanadaRoy Knight Port Stanley, ON$15,000
83 P C Kolby Two Step Betterthancheddar Dancing Heart Winbak FarmTim Gillespie Grafton, ON$12,000
84 P C Head Honcho Control The Moment Dani Hanover Preferred Equine CanadaJames T Smith Hagersville, ON$25,000
85 P C Sip Of Bourbon Sunshine Beach Doctor Terror Winbak FarmDale Fritz Walkerton, ON$42,000
86 T F Copenhagen Kadabra Danish Darby Preferred Equine CanadaJean-Yves Blais Montreal, QC$20,000
87 P C Dynomites Peak Artspeak Donna's Girl Winbak FarmRobert Robinson Metcalf, ON$7,000
88 P F Tj Sierra Shadow Play Dior Seelster Twinbrook FarmsJean Tourigny Becancoeur, QC$20,000
89 P F Cheddar’s Delight
Sold as: Speed Thrills
Betterthancheddar Dream Of Mimi Winbak FarmBud Sinclair Stratford, ON$12,000
90 T F Ladies First
Sold as: Denice Muscles
Muscle Mass Enjoy N My Lady Preferred Equine CanadaLouis Liebenau Thornhill, ON$72,000
91 P C Classic Gift Betterthancheddar Elegant Gift Winbak FarmLarry Thomas Buffalo, NY $11,000
92 P F Saga Sportswriter Epic Preferred Equine CanadaClare Bradshaw Simcoe, ON$17,000
93 P C Words Escape Me Artspeak Escape Girl Winbak FarmEmerson Harold (Dancing Ponys) Rochester, NY$7,000
94 P C Two Faced Shadow Play Face To Face Preferred Equine CanadaMurray Brethour Sunderland, ON$26,000
95 P C Bettorholdontight Bettor's Delight Farouche Hanover Twinbrook FarmsJeff Ruch agent for Wallace Stables $70,000
96 T F Dance Hall Days Archangel Aphrodite Hall Preferred Equine CanadaCarl Kuepfer Newton, ON$14,000
97 P F Watch My Honeydrip
Sold as: St Lads Pay J
Sunshine Beach Fionavar Hanover St Lads FarmGavin Christie Perth, ON$8,000
98 P C Warrawee Xceed Sportswriter Warrawee Koine Preferred Equine CanadaJames Wellwood Ancaster, ON$12,000
99 T C Rockford Royalty Royalty For Life Tymal Francesca Preferred Equine CanadaLindsay Kerr Ruscom Station, ON$8,000
100 P C Lachlanonthe Beach Sunshine Beach Grace and Harv ErinwoodMarcel Barrieau Cambridge, ON$20,000
101 T F Epic Thrill Kadabra Glide By Preferred Equine CanadaBlair Burgess Agent Campbellville, ON$50,000
103 P C Aidan James Sportswriter Graphene Preferred Equine CanadaGerard Demers Saint-Andre-Avellin, QC$17,000
104 T C Northern Tiguan Kadabra Her Name Is Lola ErinwoodAaron Byron Thornton, ON$8,000
105 T C Warrawee Xalt Royalty For Life Noble Peace Prize Preferred Equine CanadaJeff Gillis Hillsburgh, ON$19,000
106 P C St Lads Gunner State Treasurer St Lads Hailaroo St Lads FarmIsaac Waxman Ridgeville, ON$4,000
107 T C A Royal Hit Royalty For Life Hit The Hay Preferred Equine CanadaR Gregg McNair Guelph, ON$12,000
108 P F Canvas Of Stars Artspeak Four Starz Horndog Winbak FarmEmerson Harold Rochester, NY$4,000
109 T F Davidia Muscle Mass Hudsons Ya Ya Preferred Equine CanadaRNA$19,000
110 T C All In Resolve Resolve Im A Munchie Girl Preferred Equine CanadaScott McEneny Puslinch, ON$140,000
111 P F Stars N Shadows Shadow Play Imthebig Star Winbak FarmJean-Luc Berube Mont-Joli, QC$4,000
112 T F Ruby Two Shoes
Sold as: Warrawee Xeres
Resolve Warrawee Indy Preferred Equine CanadaMark Etsell Hanover, ON$26,000
113 P F Coffee N Bailey's Shadow Play Irish Day Winbak FarmEmerson Harold Rochester, NY$4,000
114 T G Pearson Archangel Jn Daytona Preferred Equine CanadaDouglas McCarthy Wasaga, ON$25,000
115 T C Warrawee Xkk Kadabra Warrawee Kate Preferred Equine CanadaRod Hughes Rockwood, ON$9,000
116 P F Royal Asset Queen Royal Mattjesty Kate's Joy Winbak FarmLarry Thomas Buffalo, NY$12,000
117 P C Howies Choice Sunshine Beach Katy's Jet Preferred Equine CanadaDave Kennedy Collingwood, ON$3,000
118 T C Mr Fireworks Angus Hall Kimco Lady Winbak FarmMartin Morel Mirabel, QC$15,000
119 P F Warrawee Xcess Warrawee Needy Fliponetwothree Preferred Equine CanadaStew McQueen Sarnia, ON$1,000
120 P C Fast Writer Sportswriter Kindly Jenna Joe HudonJean-Yves Blais Montreal, QC $34,000
121 T F A Precious Stone Archangel Lady Bling Preferred Equine CanadaPatrick Dillon Port Hope, ON$42,000
122 P F Fiery Shadow Shadow Play Lady Jen Winbak FarmJoe Pascoe Cobourg, ON$12,000
123 T F Kenogami Love
Sold as: Lovemesomemuscle
Muscle Mass Lady Love Hanover Preferred Equine CanadaJean-Francois Reid Anjou, QC$35,000
124 P F Dewitt for Josie Sportswriter Lucky Josie ErinwoodRene Bourassa Fergus, ON$38,000
125 P F Liberated Artspeak Liberated Leah Preferred Equine CanadaJohn Bell Petrolia, ON$2,000
126 P C Bettor on than Off Bettor's Delight Lights Go out ErinwoodDavid Ratchford North Sydney, NS$43,000
127 T F Royal Reputation Royalty For Life Linda Goldstein Preferred Equine CanadaDoug Millard Woodstock, ON$15,000
128 P F Lolas Sunshine Sunshine Beach Lola Palooza Winbak FarmScott McNiven$5,000
129 T C Royal Luck Royalty For Life Lucy Preferred Equine CanadaRNA$19,000
130 P F Sista Sista Shadow Play Mimis Luck ErinwoodLouis Gregg Cargill, ON$10,000
131 P F JMR Sporty Mel
Sold as: Elara
Sportswriter Jmr Mach Mel Preferred Equine CanadaDavid Carson$1,000
133 P C Ranger's Shadow Shadow Play Merculese Winbak FarmClifford Hill Hagersville, ON$9,000
134 P F Approved Sunshine Beach Mia Seelster Preferred Equine CanadaDonald Lindsay Fergus, ON$27,000
135 P C Shotgun Jerry Royal Mattjesty Michiko Winbak FarmStephanie Pouliot Osgoode, ON$7,000
136 P C He Bee Sunny Sunshine Beach Miss Mittzie Bee Preferred Equine CanadaEcurie CSL Sorel-Tracy, QC$24,000
137 T C Northern Ironman Kadabra Miss Steele ErinwoodPatrick Dillon Port Hope, ON$24,000
138 T C Mag N Angel
Sold as: Cookstown
Archangel Sunquake Preferred Equine CanadaJF Maguire Waterdown, ON$7,000
139 P F Cheddarella Betterthancheddar Modern Cinderella Winbak FarmDomenic Chiaravalle Hamilton, ON$35,000
141 P C Sport Secret Sportswriter My Secret Belle Joe HudonGregg McNair Guelph, ON$51,000