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Sale starts at NOON on 9/25.

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Hip Gait Sex Yearling Sire Dam ConsignorPaddock
1 P F McWicked Move McWicked Call Your Mamma
2 T C Chipnwhales Lookslikeachpndale Cook Off
3 P C Watcha Strikesfame McWicked Creek Alley
4 P F Im Speaking To You Artspeak Renees Delight
5 P F Roll On Myway Jimmy Freight Pro Bowl Best
6 T C Fly Higher Archangel Candid Maner
7 T C Fast Buck Fout Archangel Command A Buck
8 T F Yell It Archangel Dont Tell My Girl
9 T C Art Icon Archangel Galary Girl
10 T F Light Her Up Archangel Starter Up
11 P F Speak Of Joy Artspeak Marvalous Joy
12 P C Wordstoinspire Artspeak Mom's Bella
13 P F Timeless Kiss Artspeak Timeless Beauty
14 P C Officer Cheese Betterthancheddar Bandolera Hanover
15 P F Cabana Nana Betterthancheddar Beaches N Dreams
16 P C Look N Learn Betterthancheddar Double Ideal
17 P C Gouda Luck Betterthancheddar Irish Day
18 P F Lightning Lizzie Betterthancheddar Lilli Maid
19 P F Queen Of The Deck Betterthancheddar Magic Card
20 P C Battle Of York Betterthancheddar Pillage
21 P C Bettor's Rush Bettor's Delight Sister Pippa
22 P F Lady Graph He's Watching Graphene
23 P C Naughty Pursuit McWicked Happy Kim
24 P F Lady Wicked McWicked Lady Jen
25 T C Game Stats My MVP Back On Track
26 T C Eiffel Power My MVP French Doll
27 T F Royal Allure My MVP Georgia Baby
28 T F Valuable Miss My MVP His Mistress
29 P F Justinothershadow Shadow Play Arts Bid
30 P C Baga Cash Shadow Play Bagaholic
31 P C Shade Of Blue Shadow Play Blue Paradise
32 P F Starzy Shadow Play Imthebig Star
33 P F Mery Mayhem Shadow Play Mery Linny Lee
34 P C Zippennrippen Shadow Play My Perfect Rhyme
35 P C Sailor's Shadow Shadow Play Pink Ideal
36 P C Power Master Shadow Play Power Again
37 P C Pirates Shadow Shadow Play Treasure Valley
38 P F Bet I'm Shady Shadow Play Winbak Bet
39 P C Sports Banquet Sportswriter Black Stilletos
40 P C Advice Party Stag Party Advice Column
41 P F Single To Mingle Stag Party Bunkhouse Play
42 P F Party Style Stag Party Elegant Gift
43 P F Stag Royal Stag Party Royal Dew
44 P C Party It Up Stag Party So What's Up
45 P F Love Party Stag Party Two Sides Of Love
46 T C Hedge Fund Wizard The Bank Apple Magic
47 T C Cash To Ash The Bank Fiery Ash
48 T F Essential Quality The Bank Great Quality
49 T F Hit The Bank The Bank Queen Julia
50 T F Gaming Queen The Bank Video Queen
51 P F Tia Betterthancheddar Katie Snoops
52 P F Wicked Place McWicked Jollie Place
53 P F Carsons Player Shadow Play Game Table